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Forsaken Tranquility
Amberrose Hulme Forsaken Tranquility 14th February 2017 - 4th March 2017
  Forsaken Tranquility The glowing hues and gentle visual qualities commonly associated with pastel drawing are a far cry from the grunge aesthetic that characterises contemporary street art. Yet Amber-rose Hulme brings these unlikely bedfellows together in her latest exhibition...
In Your Face
Curated portraiture exhibition In Your Face 14th February 2017 - 4th March 2017
It is an intrinsic human impulse to gaze into the face of another – to engage, explore and read the inner story of the person next to us. Within the shapes and hues of eyes, the lines and tones of skin, the curve of lip and the furrow of brow, we are able to gain an understanding of someone...


Agneta Ekholm Figment 7th March 2017 - 1st April 2017
Please email info@flg.com.au to be placed on this preview list. Art for Agneta Ekholm is a solitary transport.  She is an artist who turns inward, honing paintings that act directly on the thoughts and emotions of a sensitive viewer; as if Ekholm aspires to offer an antidote to modern...
State of Flux
Dan Lorrimer State of Flux 7th March 2017 - 1st April 2017
In State of Flux Dan Lorrimer presents an interconnected series of sculptures which respond to his ongoing fascination with the concepts of ‘motion, force, illusion, growth and decay.’ Lorrimer’s chosen material is sheet metal which he manipulates within huge hydraulic presses to create a raw...
Solo Exhibition
Josh Robbins Solo Exhibition 4th April 2017 - 28th April 2017
Melbourne artist Josh Robbins offers us an alternative to the often loaded and over-conceptualised works that are now dominating gallery walls.  Inviting us to share in his internal dialogue that expresses nothing more than beauty, he articulates a desire to inspire and invigorate not through...